In November, you will be able to give the world the best version of yourself.

The period of retrograde movement of Mars until November 14th is the time when Aries must get rid of their inner illusions, old beliefs and all insincerity. Be the brightest and frankest manifestation of yourself, and the domino effect will follow.

Your desire for success will be so strong that nothing will be able to stop you, especially at work. Now you can fully dedicate yourself to projects that you have been working on for years.

 Painfully sincere and pure, you will attract the right partner for you. You will feel extremely passionate after November 14th. We advise you to indulge in love and avoid specific arrangements during Mercury retrograde - from November 5th to 24th.

In November, Taurus will succeed in teamwork and defending their leadership positions. When you successfully complete the project you have been working on, do not forget to point out your contribution.

For you, Mars retrograde is associated with the need to get rid of your internal conflicts. During this period, you may deal with some emerging problems from the past. If you happen to be a party in a love triangle, you will have to either admit your secret relationship or end it.

In the last week of November, the Sun will be in harmony with Mars, which will be a very constructive and active period for you. 

You have spent the past few months in thinking and planning, but when it comes to action, you have been waiting for someone to motivate you. In November, your partner will be the one to push you to act and finally achieve your goals.

The end of the year is the right time for decision-making. Investments, in general, are a good thing, but only after careful evaluation. If you have your own business, strive to expand your activities by making significant investments.

Communication is your strongest feature, you have numerous interests and interesting topics for conversations, and in November, you will have plenty of opportunities to be in the spotlight.

This month, Venus is kind to Gemini so you will draw a handful of its strong feminine energy.

In November, Cancerians will need to focus on their relationships. Those whose relationships have already been exhausted may decide to end them, while stable couples may experience wonderful times.

There is a great possibility for new work-related collaborations, that will bring you a significant income.

Your love life will require special attention. Emotions that you have been hiding for a long time may erupt, or your partner may start sharing secrets he/she has been hiding so far. Open a bottle of wine and just listen. For the rest, you can rely on your deep emotionality and sensuality.

In November, Leos will have to stabilize what they have achieved, work hard, be focused and show perseverance. Your creativity will help you to finalize an important project.

You are not scared of challenges, and you will be facing plenty of them. Don't worry, it seems that obstacles exist only to make the Leos stronger and more assertive.

This year, Mercury is retrograde for the last time from November 4th to 24th, so we advise you to slow down a bit and not to take unmeasured risks during this period.

At the end of the month, there are many new things in the sky for Leos – new deals and fresh collaborations will materialize. You will work with an enthusiasm that will inspire everyone around you.

Strive for balance and keep some of your energy and passion for your partner.

2020 has been a really successful year for the Virgo-borns so far, and November makes no exception. How else – with a helpful push of Uranus, if you set a goal this month, you will achieve it, but it is important to plan everything to the last detail in advance. 

During this month, let your creative energy flow and be much more confident in your abilities. The best ideas are yet to come, and you know how to act in situations that require a little outside the box thinking. So act, and do not let others make decisions for you.

During the winter months, relax and do not plan anything. Just enjoy the love of your family and the comfort of your home.

You have to be precise, foresighted, and far-sighted, especially in your professional commitments. Autumn forces Libras to work harder because competitors are trying to take over their position.

Beware of the Mars retrograde, bringing back past conflicts with your business partners.

Be present, work hard and remember – the harder the struggle, the more glorious the triumph. At the end of the year, you will be satisfied with what you have achieved, and you will confidently enter the new 2021.

Your fine taste and sense of beauty are your best advisors this fall. Use them to feed your imagination.

Sun is in Scorpio almost till the end of November, which will bring passion and strong emotions in your love life.


Happy birthday, powerful and magnetic Scorpios!

Sun is in Scorpio from the end of October to the end of November to bring out the most powerful qualities of the Scorpios.

It is time to celebrate your frankness, emotionality and attractiveness. To these qualities, you must add self-absorption and self-knowledge. It is required by Mercury which is in your sign until December 1st. This will give you the confidence to explore new professional avenues. 

The representatives of this sign additionally will experience strong passion and sexuality this month. 

Your quest to explore the unknown makes you look far beyond the horizon in November. If you are in search of the new, be careful this month, as you tend to see people far more ideal than they actually appear.

Mars retrograde will affect your dating life. Old love may suddenly appear and awaken forgotten feelings. Give her a chance, you have already freed yourself from old thinking patterns, so this time your relationship may work on another more sincere level.

It is much easier to believe in yourself now that you know who you are and what you need! 

Mercury's retrograde phase works in Capricorns favour, giving them a chance to stop, step back, see the gaps, and clear up all misunderstandings.

Mars transits in your sign, and although its location is favourable for Capricorns, it can be exhausting too. You will have an excess of energy and ideas for new projects, but do not embark on too many endeavours. Try to balance and look for the unplanned trips and unexpected meetings that await you. 

Recharge your batteries, enjoying new hobbies and spending time with friends. 

Your planet ruler Uranus has been extremely demanding the past few months, and now the retrograde Mercury will make you stop, look inside yourself, get rid of old thinking patterns and prepare for more significant changes in the coming years.

You may find hidden emotions, secret feelings and even ghosts from the past that you failed to banish. Look straight at them and free yourself.

New times are coming, when Aquarius will be in their waters – free, creative and looking forward to the future. 

In November, Pisces need to set boundaries and do not let bad influence in their lives. If you achieve this, you will feel solid ground under your feet, and the outside world will also become more friendly and organized. 

Don't worry, Neptune often brings you spiritual revelations that vibrate on your frequency.

Let your rich imagination guide you, but do not forget to work hard too. With diligence and discipline, you will begin to see results by the end of 2020.