Behind the Scenes at Digital Fashion Week with BY FAR

Behind the Scenes at Digital Fashion Week with BY FAR

As we all know this year hasn’t been exactly what we hoped for. We at BY FAR, however, never stopped dreaming! We change and fashion changes with us, too. These days are all about being adaptive so when we heard that fashion week, as we know it, has been cancelled we rolled up our sleeves and started brainstorming.

It all started with a vision of the days when this will be all over and we can go back to enjoying ourselves under the sun wearing bikinis! Being desired and creating desire is always on our mind! 

Our PR team created some real-life magic by putting together mind-blowing photoshoot just before the digital fashion started. Now in case you wonder, for the photoshoot we have all the new stock there and yes, we go crazy with it! Usually, it is the first time we see the new samples in real life, and everyone starts trying things on taking photos. Of course, once we have covered literally every piece and make a wish list ourselves, we continue with the shoot. For us having visual content is the key. As much as possible!

Photoshoots last for several days and they start early in the morning and finish in the evening. Everything is covered - styling, makeup, mani & pedi and of course a different pair of shoe or bag for each look! We take digital presentation very seriously so all the small details matter. 

Once all the content has been edited, our e-commerce team gets to work and creates our online digital showroom. If you ask them, they will be sure to tell you that these are some of their longest days at work. But at the end it is all worth it. We want our buyers and fans to immerse in the BY FAR world!

Of course, all the pieces come together the day before the fashion week starts! That is because we love the thrill and live on edge!

Let the fashion week begin!

Everything is set, all the beautiful samples fill 2 big conference rooms, and the sales team is ready to attack. But first, some coffee - with oat milk, please! We bet you want know how the conference calls start with the buyers. Our opening lines can vary from “Can you see me?” to “Can you hear me?” These are compulsory! The appointments usually go simultaneously so don’t be alarmed if you see flying bag or shoe. We transport them from one dimension to another.

 Not very different from the physical Fashion week in Paris, most days we have one appointment after another. Often, there is no time to eat so hopefully your colleague is kind enough to grab something for you and so you can absorb it in 2 seconds while you are showing the best-selling bag in details! If we get lucky and we have a minute, we gather at our balcony looking at the mesmerising view of Sofia where we share some insights during the appointments. Watch your step when you come back inside though, there might be shoe or two on the floor! Even if your appointments have finished the time for emails just starts, there is no rest for the wicked, even in fashion.

Thankfully, our amazing colleagues do not forget to throw a party at the end to commemorate the sweat and tears with some prosecco and cocktails. But because we live in uncertain times and safety comes first, we magically transform our office balcony to a roof top party. And that is how you know the fashion has been successful!